Brand design, UX design, Communication strategy

Used software
Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effect, Experience Design, C4D


Promedeo is a medical logistics start-up. They are trying to innovate in the medical world, to give hospitals a product that can support their needs. With my team, we worked on a proposal to rebrand Promedeo. The client wanted different items : a new brand guideline, a new website, new kakemonos and flyers.

Most of my time was spent on the new website design. We worked on user experience to make contact the most important feature on the website. There is 4 different ways to contact the company on the website (contact form, crisp and social networks). We developed the website around the user experience and we wanted those 4 contact possibilities to be very easy to find.

You can try the website model here.

The graphics of the website were created around the graphic guidelines we made. With this branding we wanted to show the logistic flow of drugs managed by Promedeo.

“The wave” is the representation of this flow. We also created a gradient of blue colors to represent the confidence that you can put on the brand. Those colors are also showing the seriousness of Promedeo.

We wanted a soft font to show that Promedeo is not only a simple logistics solution, it’s THE solution that provide easy drug flow and is close to users.

We chose the Proximas fonts (Proxima soft bold, and Proxima nova regular), they represented the ideas of simplicity and softness that we were looking for. We declined those graphic guidelines on communication supports