UX : Martin Jude
UI : Théo Feuillard
DEV : Harvey Roberts


Waiho is an app project we decided to build with Harvey and Martin. In November 2018 we just had an idea, this idea is now a reality, you can dowload it on waiho.fr.

This project is made from several skills, UX and UI design, graphic design, project management, marketing and far more. With Martin we have the same communication school background so we are working on this part of the project. Harvey is a developer, and he developed the whole app alone.

Waiho is a platform that allows you to keep and share your best travelling memories forever. With Waiho you can choose between three ways of sharing : Public, Private or not listed.

Your memories are all pinned on a map, your map. Discover new places to visit with random search.

Waiho is not only about an app, it’s also about communication and business development.