Theo feuillard create mixvibes website

Video, Photo, Website, Graphic Design

Used software
Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effect, Lightroom, Première Pro, Audition, WordPress

Worked with
Alexandre Gouart


Mixvibes is one of the leaders in DJ software development. My work at Mixvibes was in two parts, the first part was my internship, the second part was my freelance work for the company. During the internship, i worked on product photos, videos, graphic designs, new brand guidelines. My freelance job for the company was to create and develop the new wordpress website of the brand.

Remixvideo was a ‘work in progress’ when my internship started at Mixvibes. I was in charge of all the photos to promote the software. I shot the “Key photo” and retouched it. I also shot all the screenshots for the Apple and Google Play stores. To promote Remixvideo, i also worked on PR and on videos. With the team, we decided to create different videos to show the main features of the software, and I was in charge of the shooting and the editing of those videos.

During my internship i also took the initiative to rebrand mixvibes. The strategy had change since the first brand guidelines has been create. I found colours, font, to fit the new ambitions of the company. They were no more creating professional DJ softwares but they were creating “fun” software on Android and iOS. The new font is Sofia, i wanted a modern font to create a special brand image, a font that wasn’t used by anyone. The colours are very powerful to show the fun part of mixvibes’ softwares.

After my internship i worked for Mixvibes as a freelance, i had to create and develop the new website. You can see some screenshot of the website below. It’s a responsive wordpress website made from Jupiter theme. I sometime on other missions for the company.