Print, Video, Packaging

Software used
Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effect

Day 1 

Day 1 is a fake product made at school. We had to create a fragrance, its universe, find a muse and translate it to a print communication campaign. To add something to our presentation we made a little video that shows the different parts of the product packaging.


During all the project our idea was to create a product that give confidence to customers. That’s why we named it “Day 1”, to say “Your new life is starting today”.

We named the product Day 1 in reference to the D-Day, which is one of the most important day in human history. Thanks to this day we can leave in a free world, and those men were very courageous. We wanted to show those two ideas in the brand.

In the print items, we wanted to show the beginning, the Day 1, and all the road that is still to go. To show that, we decided to put the sea without an end on the second plan of the poster.

We chose Jamie Dornan as the muse of the brand. Thanks to the movies he made he is seen as a self made man, and that was what we wanted the brand to reflect. Day 1 is the beginning of your new successful life.

Photo : Hogan
Music : C2C – Arcade